✈How to buy.(for foreigner customer)

1.Choose your favorite!

2. You can choose the size from (Size is written by cm.)

3. Press the to add in the cart.

4. If you already have your account, please press the for login.

5. If you need a new account,press

6. fill all and press

7. You need to press on the box to put the ☑. After that press (This is for the ReCaptcha.)

8. Fill your name, address and phone number. Before press the red button, click on if you don't want our newsletter.

9. Check your address once more before check out.

10. _ Price for the clothing,_ Price for the shipping,_ Total payment.

Customs duties may occur.
Customer will be responsible to pay for customs duties.

11.After check all, press the red button.

12. Fill in your credit card information.

13. If you want the clothing on your own house press the , if it's for a gift press under the and fill the sending address.

14. Press if you want to save login on your device.

15.Press if you're ready to Check out!!